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Standard Blanket

Price: £65  Inc P & P

Our Standard Blanket is approx 68cm x 100cm.

30 Patches

Items needed to create your blanket:

15 - 30 Items

Embroidery options:

-Personalised patch including: Name, DOB, weight and time + £9

- Applique lettering: £2 per letter

Additional Items:

Additional items are kept whole and stitched on top of the patches:

Hat + £3

Mitts + £3

Socks + £3

Bows + £2

Bib + £3

Soft shoes + £5

Comforter + £5

Baby grow + £6

Premature baby grow + £4

Any keepsake made from a christening or wedding dress is an additional £10

Fleece colour options:


Pale pink 

Pale Blue





My keepsakes are for decorative purposes only and must NOT be used by children under the age of 16. As these keepsakes are made using fabric and clothing you provide I can not CE test each item, therefore they cannot be CE approved. I use CE approved stuffing and fleece. I use buttons on my keepsake animals which are a choking hazard.